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The Hard Times Presents: a video by Hundred Years Directed by Max Blecker and Benjamin Korman Written by Benjamin Korman Shot by Max Blecker AD: Dan Sheppard Gaffer/Grip: Keith Haitkin Audio: Lizzy Bryce Editor: Max Blecker Sound Design: Daniel Johnson PAs: Haele Wolfe, Emily Poulis Producer: Matt Saincome Associate Producers: Bill Conway, Ed Saincome Starring: Whitley Watson Tres Cossaboom Marshall Finch Jordan Olds Micah Phillips Alex Gentile Gabi Searles Alicia Camden Music: “Death By Bunga” – The Internet Explorers “Making Waves” – The Swellers “Ghoulunatics” – Ghoul “Spazz Vs.Mother Nature” – Spazz “Fucked Up Face” – Instant Asshole “Fascist Newspaper” – Original Anarchists Special Thanks to St.

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In fact, New York Comic Con (NYCC) and other fan specific spaces also do a tremendous job of inverting many carefully crafted social norms.

Adjusting to electrified reading meant I had to tote a tiny battery pack and USB cable with me to make sure I wasn’t without power when I had a few minutes of downtime.

It’s a great habit to build, but annoying when I forget. I was invited to it.” “I blame Mayor Signer,” Spencer said.

Cross-species nursing among mammals is rare, but it does happen.

Examples include sperm whales who adopted a deformed dolphin , a dog who nursed a baby squirrel , apes who treat cats like babies , and a domestic cat that adopted a trio of bobcat kittens.

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