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“ We trace our roots to China far, far away” Zhai Mo said as he repeated the words of Maori chief.

“I’ve long dreamed of showing that the cultures of the original inhabitants along the Pacific Ocean arose from the Chinese culture” • As reported by Dan Eaton, the New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters left several of his Asian counterparts “gobsmacked” after telling them the first New Zealanders were descendants of the Chinese.

• Fernandez met people in the Marborough Sounds whom he described as white people and who wore white woven garments – Marborough Sounds was the home of Waitaha people. Cook, although familiar with the Maori tongue was unable to understand their language – Maori/ Chinese amalgamated dialect and bodily features • Tasman noted that the natives they saw in canoes have “black hair tied together right on top of their heads, in the way and fashion the Japanese have it at the back of the head…” • Norfolk Island pines and flightless teal found at Campbell Island (pines planted over graves – Teal to keep bugs off rice - (Mendoza) • Zhai Mo from Tai’nan – Shandong aims to show cultures of the original inhabitants along the Pacific arose from Chinese culture.

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Annex 18 – Evidence of Chinese Fleets visit to New Zealand Maps • Jean Rotz, published two centuries Captain Cook “discovered” the islands; the bays of Auckland Island and Campbell Island are drawn with correct latitudes.

Chinese Records and Claims Further research needed Accounts of European Historians and Explorers • Captain Cook accepts he was not the first to Australasia.

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