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Exploitation is the unlawful or improper act of a caretaker using an adult or his/her resources for monetary or personal benefit, profit or gain.

Physical abuse is the intentional use of physical force that results in injury, pain or impairment.

our local national park, the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area.

(Learn more about the current state of eagles in the Twin Cities, including data on nesting health, in the 2016 State of the River Report.) By now, many of the eagles in the area have already laid eggs and are incubating them in their nests.

But over the last few years, one of the few constants in the period between winter and spring in the metro has been the presence of bald eagles.

As spring creeps back they take to the sky, hunting for prey, fighting over territory, and mating.

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It includes the violation of an adult’s right to make decisions and the loss of his or her privacy.

In the metro, eagles tend to nest along riverways, depending on large super-canopy trees for nesting sites.

Cottonwood trees are particularly important, making up roughly 84 percent of bald eagle nesting sites in the metro river corridor, a.k.a.

His hundreds of drawings were both preparatory, but also works complete in themselves to be given as gifts. Working with no instruction, a basic understanding of technique and tools is suggested. Painting, modeling (with clay or wax) is encouraged in addition to the use of dry media. Punch card will be issued at first participation and expire 3 months from purchase. Students are encouraged to make observation on color, perspective and composition for paintings they develop in the studio. Studio 1 and Locations TBA 0 / 0 CAM member 5 / 5 CAM member after Sept 14 model fee paid to instructor Learn to paint people, in watercolor, using live clothed models and nude models plus photographs. We cover values, color-mixing, line/shape/form patterns and build confident brush-handling, all within the historical context of painting from caves to contemporary. Let's explore the fundamental properties of color, experiment with both traditional and contemporary palettes and improve color-mixing, matching and painting confidence.

This class gives you a more intimate portrait of the celebrated masterof his loves, his desires, his fears, his heart-breaks. Small Conference Room Limit 10 5 / 0 CAM member 0 / 5 CAM member after Aug. Studio 1 0 / 0 CAM member 5 / 5 CAM member after Aug 31 This class is dedicated to teaching the basics of drawing. Class covers how to measure, find light and shadow, render texture and create depth. Please call 910.395.5999 ext.1029 for more information. Plus students are invited to participate in art duets, sketching and painting a subject in common with the instructor. Studio 1 and Locations TBA 5 / 0 CAM member 0 / 5 CAM member after Aug 31 optional material fee paid to instructor Explore the full range of color possibilities in your paint box. You are encouraged to bring in your own photos to work from. Techniques and concepts will be addressed in instructor lecture, demos and plenty of time at the easel experimenting and exploring painting fundamentals. Through instructor lectures, demos and plenty of exercises, students will have an immersive experience in color theory and beyond! Studio 1 5 / 0 CAM member 0 / 5 CAM member after Aug 31 model fee paid to instructor Regardless of your expertise, this class gets your "creative juices" flowing, by painting interesting, realistic textures with colored pencil that can be applied to develop unique colored pencil paintings.

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