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As a result, these initiatives get planned and managed in silos, which potentially increases the overall business risk for the organization.

In addition, parallel compliance and risk initiatives lead to duplication of efforts and cause costs to spiral out of control.

With 200 lawyers in 10 offices nationwide, and thousands of successfully concluded securities actions, Robbins Geller has the resources, experience and tenacity to achieve superior results.

As sole lead counsel, Robbins Geller attorneys obtained a 0 million settlement for investors, resolving accusations that Pfizer misled investors about an alleged off-label drug marketing scheme.

Risk Management: With the recent jump in regulatory mandates and increasingly activist shareholders, many organizations have become sensitized to identifying and managing areas of risk in their business: whether it is financial, operational, IT, brand or reputation related risk.

These risks are no longer considered the sole responsibility of specialists - executives and the boards demand visibility into exposure and status so they can effectively manage the organization’s long-term strategies.

As one of the founders of Caldwell Leslie & Proctor, Chris Caldwell has built an extensive practice encompassing all aspects of criminal and civil litigation.

Here are some guidelines as to what may be possible from a legal perspective.

Different considerations may apply from accounting and tax perspectives, and those aspects should be taken into account too.

What you can’t do Clearly, you can’t backdate a document so that is appears to have been signed on, say, 31 December, when in fact it was signed on 15 June.

He also regularly represents Fortune 500 companies in high-stakes securities class actions, SEC enforcement proceedings, criminal investigations, and employment disputes.

As a “lawyer’s lawyer,” he also is regularly retained by national law firms for representation in malpractice cases.

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